Twitch Streamers Trivia Quiz Answers | Quizes Answers

Twitch Streamers Trivia Quiz Answers | Quizes Answers

Twitch Streamers Trivia Quiz Answers | Quizes Answers

This wildly popular (Twitch Streamers Triviastreaming platform has a number of the foremost notable personalities to ever grace the web. does one think you recognize them? Take the quiz to seek out out!

Even though Twitch was a by-product of another website, the first website had already been online for several years before Twitch became big and overtook it to the purpose where it actually pack up entirely.

Amazon wanted to put an increasing emphasis on gaming-related content in what's now seen together of the simplest acquisitions of the last decade, they were ready to grab Twitch up and offer their subscribers more content!

Ninja is one among the more wholesome streamers that have graced Twitch, his streams aren't known for being lewd, on the contrary, tons of oldsters feel okay with letting their children watching his streams.
Twitch Streamers Trivia Quiz Answers  Quizes Answers

Ninja practices Fortnite quite lot and after all, he won a Fortnite tournament that was made for charity. He was paired with Marshmello and took it home!
Twitch Streamers Trivia Quiz Answers  Quizes Answers

This album is usually an EDM-oriented musical effort. Being a Ninja product, it proved to be very fashionable and certain not the last we'll hear from Ninja's musical talents.
Twitch Streamers Trivia Quiz Answers  Quizes Answers

Twitch Streamers Trivia Quiz Answers | Quizes Answers

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Question #1 - Twitch may be a spinoff of what website?


Question #2 - What big company is that the owner of Twitch after buying it in 2014?


Question #3 - Ninja is perhaps the foremost Twitch streamer that has been on the platform. What game is he most famous for playing?


Question #4 - what's Ninja's real name?

Ans:Richard Tyler Blevins

Question #5 - In relatively recent times, Ninja decided to maneuver to a replacement platform. Which platform is it?

Ans: Mixer

 Question #6 - Ninja collaborated with Astralwerks so as to make his first music album. what is the name of the album?

Ans: Ninjawrks: Vol 1

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Question #7 - Ninja is married to a different Twitch streamer in real world. What's Ninja's wife's name?

Ans: Jesica Goch

 Question #8 - Shroud may be a very fashionable Twitch streamer, what's his real name?

Ans: Michael Grzesiek

Question #9 - Shroud wont to belong to a really big eSports team. Which team is it?

Ans: Cloud9

Question #10 - Not unlike traditional sports, eSports have actually become a standard place to be used of Performance Enhancing Drugs. Which PED did Shroud admit to using?

Ans: Adderall

Question #11 - Shroud is understood for enjoying tons of games, but he's won tournaments of which of the subsequent games?


Question #12 - Which of the subsequent streamers called Shroud "the best shooter in PUBG"?

Ans: Ninja

Question #13 - what is the name of this popular streamer, also referred to as Myth?

Ans: Ali Kabani

Question #14 - Myth is one among the youngest popular Fortnite streamers. What year was he born?

Ans: 1999

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 Question #15 - Myth is additionally likely the foremost popular face of what famous eSports team?

Ans: Team Solo Mid

Question #16 - Myth may be a graduate of which High School?

Ans: Fordson High School

Question #17 - Tfue is taken into account by some to be the simplest Fortnite player currently within the world. What's his real name?

Ans: Turner Tenney

Question #18 - Tfue gained tons of notoriety as lately because he sued the team he wont to belong to. What team was it?

Ans: FaZe Clan

Question #19 - Tfue is additionally one among the foremost active Fortnite players within the whole Twitch world. What's his timeplay average per week?

Ans: 70 Hours

Question #20 - Dr. Disrespect is one among the foremost interesting Twitch streamers for his portrayal of a typical "bro" gamer. What's his real name?

Ans: Herschel Beahm IV

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